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One year ago...

It's been almost a year since I was getting ready to set off on one of the most beautiful, amazing journeys of my life.
Hard to believe.

This blog was never really "wrapped up," so I felt a need to write one last entry... It's like, I fell in love with Spain, and now it's no longer in my life... I need some closure! Every time I think back on this wonderful experience, I get little aches in my body.

I think back to those first days in Madrid.. how nervous, anxious and excited I felt, how it all started, and how it would grow into something I could never imagine.
394561_101..859337899_n.jpg 7E4ACA7A2219AC681700896EAA501920.jpg 7E49F9C32219AC68178C1A4C7411E74F.jpg 388955_101..508801961_n.jpg

It was adventure, my wildest dreams, eating those damn sandwiches in Madrid, 7E4920132219AC68173147E2CECE9A9D.jpg pintxos, DSCN4668.jpg 541636_101..138892600_n.jpg croquetas, calimoxtos, sangria, DSCN4655.jpg Choch!, 407750_101..69128_n.jpg sidraaaaa, 430605_679..81341_n.jpg cafe con baileys, 7E5FD1402219AC6817FAA9ADA3FEED23.jpg spanish class with Eli, 550722_390..885008150_n.jpg clase de conversacion with Inaki, birthdays, DSCN4725.jpg DSCN5086.jpg teaching at Mundaiz, P5091342.jpg 7E904C502219AC6817E215058DA08C82.jpg"por que no?", "no pasa nada", super amarra, 392008_288..323511357_n.jpg roomies, 7EFD9ADF2219AC6817ED009336A1A6E6.jpg DSCN5037.jpg la calle fuenterrabia, DSCN4393.jpg basque culture, "agurrrr", crazy/wild nights DSCN5074.jpg DSCN4999.jpg 574442_101..16135_n__1_.jpg 427044_251..815585511_n.jpg at Buga, Molly Malone's, Espala, tas tas, Bataplan, getting kicked out of Bataplan, new found sushi love, 7EFBF1F92219AC6817F190C6172934D8.jpg KEBABS, DSCN4755.jpg visiting the creperia, skinny dipping in the ocean, surf class, 525010_406..230171517_n.jpg SURFING, love&friendship, DSCN5107.jpg 418383_101..915491258_n.jpg 419341_101..639271257_n.jpg wandering, strangers, meeting new people, 422494_101..638063199_n.jpg 397829_101..278428080_n.jpg new friends, 535103_289..079379822_n.jpg 542960_289..276505953_n.jpg DSCN4616.jpg 418836_301..254418986_n.jpg 403824_101..577090878_n.jpg 398750_259..032213898_n.jpg 484851_101..52938_n.jpg 423426_101..69617_n.jpg being Charlie's Angels, DSCN4729.jpg eating and drinking, drinking and eating, awe and wonder, unreal, amazement, el peine del viento, IMG_2631.jpg the jesus statue, ocean, 562234_351..515523200_n.jpg beach time, 429715_101..965984956_n.jpg wine+beach=bangs, barefoot running, absinthe, talking to las brujas, TRAVEL seeing new places, ireland, 421194_101..15502_n.jpg france, DSCF1395.jpg DSCF1457.jpg portugal, DSCN4963.jpg DSCF1133.jpg morocco, 549312_101..719394393_n.jpg 74721_1015..363234717_n.jpg DSCF1624.jpg traveling with my mom, DSCN4990.jpgDSCF1292.jpg shots! 559713_101..4_7703868_n.jpg chupitos!, music, a se tu pego, vamos a la playa, sean paul, "wake up in the morning and I step outside, I take a deep breath, and I get real high", sexy& I know it, Happy Hostel, Maggies B&B, walking along the beach to school, 7EFA086D2219AC6817708DE52439D454.jpg 8100329C2219AC681739C8E7E93E8C20.jpg walking in the rain, DSCN5015.jpg shopping, zara, H&M, blanco, bershka, nutella, cooking, DSCN4422.jpg USAC love, DSCN4997.jpg579832_101..050601465_n.jpg 395668_289..866983262_n.jpg Spain, DSCN4269.jpg DSCN4448.jpg DSCN4491.jpg DSCN4484.jpg 430834_101..31485_n.jpg DSCN4545.jpg el dia de San Sebastian, IMG_0714.jpg Carnavales, 7E5F25862219AC681710F5E59FCC0634.jpg San Sebastian, San Sebby <3 542635_327..881066313_n.jpg 409100_264..027355168_n.jpg

Words and pictures hardly sum it up without the experience and feeling. San Sebastian seems like such a dream to me, it was so magical. The people I met, and memories we made-- unforgettable. What a beautiful city, and what a wonderous time I had there. Thank you San Sebby for all you had to offer!

Posted by SierraRose 14:41

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Thanks for the closure! It was a wonderful summary of your Espana (and other countries) adventure!

by Dan Buckley

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