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Am I dreaming?

When I woke up at 2 in the afternoon today, I headed straight for the kitchen. Food and water. Ada was sitting at the table and I said,
"Ada.. I feel like had so many crazy dreams last night, but I can't remember any of it."
"Those weren't dreams," she responded, "that was our real life."

Carnavales is like Mardi Gras, the celebration before lent. For a weekend, you forget about the real world and submerse yourself into pure fun and enjoyment. "Carna" is the root for the Spanish word "carne," meaning meat... FEAST. But also meaning meat, like your body, flesh... And "vale" is the root for the Spanish word "baile," meaning dance. So basically, eat, drink and be merry!

Costumes in the window of every Asian Bazarr, bumble bees, ducks, Indians, choir people, pigs, cops, 80's workout people, clowns, cowboys, you name it. Madness. Music and cheering blaring through the streets. A never ending parade of floats, boats, castles, dancers, performers of every age, dancing to Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Mexican Hat dance, 80's rock. Streets packed with people, amusement, bliss, confusion, glee... Young and old, families, friends, couples.


Carnavales in Tolosa, Spain was all this and more.. The streets lined with vendors, selling bracelets, candy, dried fruit, silver, leather, baked goods. Colorful apartments, balconys decorated with scarves, strings, baloons. Crowds everywhere, more parades, wild costumes... HUGE celebration.


We started off Carnavales in San Sebastian where we enjoyed the majority of the parades and the night life. We watched a dance performance in the square where they invited the crowd up on the stage to dance after the performance.. we were lovin it! We went to Tolosa on Monday, a city in Spain known for Carnavales, it's their biggest celebration. Tolosa is about a 50 minute bus ride, 30 minute train ride from San Sebastian. The festivities there were insane, it was a huge festival, and the city was jam packed with people. We stayed out all night and took the train home at 6 am.

What a weekend... Definitely an incredible celebration. Sometimes I still can't believe I am in Europe, it feels like dream.. and I never want to wake up!

Some other things we've been up to...

All of us USAC girls celebrated Valentines Day together with a little potluck at our friends Kalley, Cat, and Lauren's apartment. I made some chocolate chip banana bread, which disappeared pretty quickly... It's kind of healthy so it's ok!
-3 brown bananas
-1/4 c apple sauce
-1/4 c canola oil
-1/4 or 1/2 c sugar
-1 tbsp honey
-1 c wheat flour
-3/4 tsp baking soda
-1 tsp cinnamon
-1/2 tsp salt
-3/4 c dark choc chips (or maybe more than 3/4 c... haha)
Bake at 350 F for 40 minutes more or less

Here's some more yummy food we've been making!
Steak marinated in red wine, olive oil, rosemary, and garlic. Cilantro garlic baked fries. Recipe. Cilantro lime asparagus. Recipe. I guess it was all about the cilantro and garlic that night...

Also, I posted a lot of pictures of my apartment, but here's one of my desk! It's clean, which is a rare occurence.. Same goes for the rest of our room haha
And there's my little Valentine's surprise in the corner, made my day extra special.. Shoutout to Nik and Ada.. haha :)

Songs of the moment:
Unfortunately, no Spanish songs, but still good ones!
1. Taylor Swift, "Safe and Sound"
Amazing song.. the video gives me the chills.. HUNGER GAMESSSS <3
2.4 Non Blondes, "What's up?"
Heard a cover of this song while shopping the other day and remembered what a good song it is.

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