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So far, SO good.

Highlight of my first couple weeks here: Running on the beach. And even better, running barefoot along the tide.
Last week Megan, Tiff, Ada and I ran along a path above the shore to this gorgeous spot where the waves crash up on the walls of the path.. It's where the "wind combs" are. So beautiful...
(P.S. These Peine del Viento photos are stolen from google... didn't have my camera on my run!)

I could live here forever.. I think that if you live somewhere beautiful and amazing, it makes you more happy than you would be otherwise.
What I've been up to..
-Trying to like wine. It's hard when I don't have the guts to buy something that might actually taste good haha.. 3 euro bottles of wine it is.
-Walking. Europe has got it down. We walk every day to school and it takes about an hour. It's a beautiful walk though, all along the beach.
However I just got a bus pass for those rainy days.. Hopefully the rain will be over with by March.
-Shopppping!! Rebajas! Rebajas are sales that go on from Jan-Mar. Gotta take advantage of it
-Oh school. It's actually not too bad, but you know, it's school.
-Grocery shopping. Lots of it. We finally found hummus at a little mini market down the road; it had a Trader Joe's feel to it. Though a small jar was 4 euro, it was the only place we could find hummus! Plus the girl running the store was super sweet and friendly.. We'll definitely be back there. Otherwise the supermercado is like 2 min from our "piso." Very convenient!

Speaking of friendly people, Spain is different from America in the sense that they aren't as like overly polite. Not as many please's and thank you's but they aren't rude..They just don't really care if they don't know who you are. Everyone I've actually met here is super nice!

Some words of wisdom:
"El que canta, su mal espanta." Our teacher told us this Spanish proverb on the first day of class. The bad stuff leaves when you sing.. that's kind of the gist of it. Ada and I were saying how we don't miss driving, but we miss singing in the car haha

"Siesta so you can fiesta." These were Ryan's words of advice to Ada. I like it!

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A place to call home

So San Sebastian has been "home" for about a week now, but I still can't believe it. I can't believe this gorgeous city that's filled with old, beautiful buildings, great shopping, surrounded by a mesmerizing ocean and fantastic beach is what I call home. Its charm is indescribable, I love it here.

On Monday the 16th, we FINALLY got to move into our apartments. Our piso (apartment) is pretty big... I live with 4 other girls and share a room with the lovely miss Ada :)

School started on Wednesday, and it was kind of a reality check. I guess I'm not just here to enjoy paradise, there's school too, haha. But all my teachers seem great, and I can't wait for my Spanish to improve.

The weather has been nice and sunny, but we've had some rain the past few days. However, the rain didn't dampen anybody's spirits this weekend! On Thursday night began the festival of San Sebastian. 24 hour party, the streets are filled with people dressed up as military playing drums, and others dressed up as chefs playing kegs. The chefs are apparently a parody of the military.. something that has to do with French invading Spain in the early 1800's. All night long you can hear people drumming their drums, constantly!

Though the 24 hour party ends Friday morning, festivities go on all weekend. Friday is the official Dia de San Sebastian, Saturday more celebrating with drumming and music, and Sunday (today) too. It's about 1:30 in the afternoon, and I've heard drumming and horns since early this morning. A pretty awesome way to start off life in San Sebastian :)

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It begins!

January 11th, I took my first steps onto European ground when we flew out of the London airpot to Madrid, Spain. While in Madrid we toured Museo del Prado where we looked at a lot of work by Greco, Goya and Velazquez, and we also toured the Royal Palace. I wish I could have brought my camera to the palace; it was absolutely incredible! 20018 rooms.. pretty spectacular!
We spent the next couple days checking out Segovia and Toledo. In Segovia we saw the Roman Aqueduct and toured the castle where King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel once lived- pretty spectacular. We spent time in Toledo touring a gorgeous cathedral and synagogue. All three cities we have seen so far are beautiful. The buildings are so old, and the history and detail in the architecture is amazing.
While in Madrid, we started most evenings off at a tapa. At the tapas, you get a little mini meal/snack with your drink. These little places are fun and cheap! The very last night we went out to a club called Joy where we danced the night away! We have a pretty awesome USAC group and I'm loving getting to know everyone. But tomorrow, finally, vamos a San Sebastian! I can't wait!

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